ELITA DIAMONDS is an inviting private office and showroom for the rarest objects and desires of a life well-lived. A retail space by definition only, ELITA DIAMONDS is designed to be uniquely immersive and absolutely personalized. Here, the most exclusive of timepieces, jewelry, art, and accessories can be contemplated, studied, and acquired in the warmth and comfort of an expressive office, where clients are welcomed guests, and design is not an exhibition — it's an experience. Operating a luxury online platform that serves high profile clientele with luxury Swiss watches and high jewellery collections from the biggest names in Swiss watchmaking since 2016. We uphold the traditional values of luxury, whilst also offering an innovative experience tailored to the lifestyles and needs of our clients. Founded in 2016, ELITA DIAMONDS is a privately owned company operating out of the affluent city of Melbourne, Australia. The founding directors Eden John and Aston Fisher pursue their plans to build the largest and highest quality private jewellery showroom in Australia. Our New York team of expert jewellers and gemsetters have been operating in the heart of the diamond district since 1998, producing high quality merchandise from multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States. Producing high quality diamond watches and jewellery with the highest grade stones is our forte. We’re involved in every part of the creation process — from start to finish. Introducing new ideas and innovative technology to advance the business in today’s evolving consumer market for luxury diamond jewellery ELITA DIAMONDS has a diverse wealth of industry knowledge specialising in custom design, sales, and purchasing of bespoke diamond watches and high grade diamonds. Additionally, by offering clients the ability to work with our in-house jewellery designers we continue to develop and show significant growth. The ELITA DIAMONDS name is synonymous with superior craftsmanship, attracting VIP clientele from all over the world. Our reputation precedes us, as ELITA are the highest rated diamond watch specialists in Australia on Instagram, Facebook and Google. Comitted to our position as the market leader within the Australian watch and diamond industry we understand that this begins with teamwork. Our Sales and Service teams, whose combined knowledge of product and client relationships, provide a five-star customer experience. The Inventory team makes sure all bases are covered involving merchandising and product quality. Our Compliance team works together to make sure the daily needs of both the customer and company are met. Experienced CAD Designers work diligently alongside the Production team to provide decades of combined experience in metal fabricating, diamond setting and polishing that make our clients’ ideas come to life. Our HR team & Executive Leadership not only promote a culture that aligns with ELITA DIAMONDS strategic objectives, but also ensures we add talented individuals to the team who are ready and willing to take on the challenge of a rapidly expanding organisation. As this takes place, the executive leadership is equipped to manage and address the intricacies that come with the our company vision of transforming into a globally recognised brand. Everyone on our team works synergistically together in line with the company vision and missions statement to provide the highest quality merchandise to our clients and building client relationships.


We understand the difficulties that come with purchasing custom-made and high end jewellery. While it’s already challenging to find a jeweller you can trust, the team at ELITA operate with transparency and keep our clients up to date with the process. Fully equipped with the knowledge and passion necessary for ensuring a seamless transition from dream to reality. We strive to provide our clients with exceptional quality of work through the highest quality materials. Our production time is by far one of the fastest in the industry and we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently provide superior craftsmanship across the board of our products and delivering on time.